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Live Where You Love and Love Where You Live

Better Living SoCal Group, Inc.

Better Living SoCal Group, Inc.

Live where you love, and love where you live – simple, right? You would think so, but somehow it’s not. That’s why we’ve started Better Living SoCal group, Inc.– (that, and the fact that we finally needed to connect all these amazing people we’ve met over the years). The more people that we met, the more houses that we sold, we realized that what people wanted, needed essentially, were not just cool houses. People want to be inspired; we all want a space to reflect who we are, and who we, ultimately, want to become – a great chef, a yogi, a crafter extraordinaire…

At Better Living Socal Group, Inc., we LOVE the interesting, the unique, the unexpected – we’re talking people and houses, here. This is what we’re passionate about, and it’s what we’re great at; whether it’s a mid-century modern masterpiece, urban loft-living, a historic home, modern farm house or the perfect ranch. We are not interested in  cookie-cutter marketing, or cookie-cutter service; and odds are, if you’re here – you’re not, either. We love the exceptional.

Now, let’s face it, our house may not always be where we get to spend most of our time, but it’s at least our hub, right? (the Dallas to any AA flight) Which means, finding the right neighborhood and community is the other half of the formula. We know Orange County, inside and out – where to eat, what to do, and where to go. It is, and has always been, our home. We love where we live, and we live where we love…hey, wait a minute…maybe it is simple, after all.

Kelly Laule DRE #01773280